Viverra Announces Animation Deal With Graphic Novelist Kyle Baker


Viverra is proud to announce a new licensing deal with Kyle Baker, the acclaimed graphic novelist and illustrator. Under this agreement, Viverra will have exclusive rights to develop and produce animated films based on Baker’s original works.

Baker is the award-winning author and illustrator of several graphic novels, including “Why I Hate Saturn” and “Nat Turner.” His work has been praised for its dynamic storytelling, memorable characters, and visually striking art style.

“Kyle Baker is a true visionary in the world of graphic novels, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with him on animated films,” said Viverra’s Publisher, Richard I. Trying. “His stories are both entertaining and thought-provoking, and we believe they have tremendous potential for adaptation to the screen.”

Baker added, “I am excited to collaborate with Viverra on this new venture. I have always been passionate about animation, and I can’t wait to see my characters and stories come to life in this format.”

The licensing deal is part of Viverra’s ongoing efforts to expand its presence in the animation industry. The company is currently developing several animated projects based on its own original properties, as well as popular books and comics from other publishers.

“We see tremendous potential in the animation market, and we believe that Kyle Baker’s work is a perfect fit for our strategy,” said Trying. “We are confident that this partnership will lead to some truly exciting projects in the years ahead.”

About Viverra: Viverra is a publishing company dedicated to producing high-quality books across a variety of genres. In addition to publishing graphic novels, the company also develops film and television projects based on its own original properties, as well as licensed content from other publishers. For more information, please visit Viverra’s website or follow us on social media.

Deathcathlon: MELEE

Mahoney and Mannix battle an army of evil olympians
Mahoney and Mannix battle an army of evil Olympians in this image from the graphic novel DEATHCATHLON. Art by Kyle Baker

We’ve been working on a new series of DEATHCATHLON sports trading cards in keeping with the athletic them of the book. The set will be available in Winter of 2022.